Head Coach – John MacDonald

John has over 30 years coaching experience with entry level racers through FIS. John started coaching Nancy Greene at Glen Eden in 1979, then on to Camp Fortune, Alpine and Chicopee. John took on the job as Head Coach at Chicopee in 2004 after a 30 year career in telecommunications

Coach Profiles

Chicopee is very fortunate to have a well trained, experienced and mature coaching staff. All of the coaches at Chicopee are licensed with the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF); most are also certified as instructors with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA).
Chicopee, being an urban center, is able to draw coaches of all levels from the region and the surrounding Universities for the benefit of our kids.

Coaching in Canada is divided into three levels to address the needs of the athletes and the programs in which they participate. Each level is a prerequisite to move on to the next.

  • Entry Level Coach- recreational/ league racing
  • Development Coach- individual racers through J/AHL
  • Performance Coach- elite racers through FIS

Coaches are required to pursue credits in technical (CSCF), theory (NCCP), risk management (CSCF), officials training (ACA) and mentoring before they are awarded their license. Mandatory credits are required annually before licenses are renewed.

Instructing in Canada follows four levels of certification pairing up with the ability level of the student. Each level is a prerequisite to move on.

  • Level One- beginner level students
  • Level Two- intermediate level students
  • Level Three- expert level skiers
  • Level Four- train the trainer

Ski instructors must attend a Professional Development Program (PDP) every three years to maintain their certification.