CARV – Chicopee Alpine Racing Volunteers

As parents of Chicopee racers, our mission is to enhance the experience of our racing community by organizing social events and fundraising.

Through the shared knowledge and involvement of parents across the generations of racers, we can deepen the support we offer Chicopee racing, and continue to develop the talents of our racers through the years. A large part of our vision is to provide support for new and existing racing families.

CARV joins in celebrating our racers’ successes through the years. Excellence, sportsmanship and success are a beacon to all participants and should be shared.

Our sponsors have provided some technical details about racing and we’ve added some links to information that may come in handy during the all-too-short racing season.

Bookmark this site. Here you’ll find all the information you need to stay connected and informed throughout the ski-racing season. We hope you enjoy your experience with this website and keep coming back for more!

May your entire racing experience be full of terrific memories and life lessons. would like to thank the following partners for their support

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