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As of 2012/2013 season – New “under” (ex. U12, U14 etc) categories have been introduced by FIS  (International Ski Federation). Therefore, there are no league or individual designations – ONLY the international “U” age categories

Learn more about the age group realignment follow the link below to Alpine Ontario:
Alpine Ontario League Changes

If you are interested in racing U14 Individual (formerly K1 Ind) racing, Chicopee and Alpine Ontario requires that you:

  • Register in an AOA approved dry land program next fall (ie: Chicopee Racing, KVR fit kids, etc. you can check with me or Erica if you are on another program to see if it meets expectations)
  • Participate in dry land testing spring and fall
  • Have at least 7 days training on snow by January 1
  • Tremblant Camp and Christmas Slalom camp are mandatory.

U14 INDIVIDUAL RACING is quota spot driven. Race starts are awarded on merit.

Check back to see race information, news and schedules once the season starts!